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Vite biz offers the best platform for launching and deploying tomorrow’s applications quickly and easily without big investments.


Data is exploding. Digital devices are proliferating. Interfaces are taking new forms. Everything must be connected.


1000+ users & 20+ companies are using it to solve their problems easily and its growing


Leading data connectivity capabilities for harnessing data from business systems and any other data source, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Sales Team Automation

  • Real time sales tracking
  • Expense uploading and location tracking
  • Sales report and sales performance check
  • Sales appointments and followups management

Vitebiz helps over 20 leading enterprises boost sales productivity by up to 70%. All activity and transactions of your sales team is available in real time so it will be easy to manage sales process

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Project Automation

  • Calculate Manpower Hours
  • Attendance Management with Mobile and any location
  • Project wise man power hours calculation
  • Estimated vs Quoted hours report

Vitebiz helps more than 9 leading enterprises to check real time project updates and project statistics with details reports of hours. Easy and cost effective attendance management with mobile and location.

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Retailer Automation

  • Order & fulfilment allows brands to optimize supply chain
  • Analytics help in demand planning and forecasting
  • Provides complete visibility of real-time inventory levels
  • Direct engagement and feedback from retailers allows brands to fine tune promotions

Retailer automation app allows brands to retailer pricing, demand planning, schemes,promotions, real time inventory and more..

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Service Automation

  • Check Logs, track them & resolve service requests from mobile apps
  • Customizable forms for service feedback
  • Alerts regarding service delays and increase efficiency
  • Optimize and reduce the servicing turnaround time significantly

Web & App provides assurance of promptness of your service representative with optimizing and reduce service turnaround time.

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eCommerce Solution

  • Sell your products online with website and mobile app
  • Integrate with your ERP & CRM system
  • Easy to use and linked with all other system with same dashboard
  • Open Source Ionic Frontend Available with API

Vitebiz helps you to launch your ecommerce store which help you to get orders from online web and your own mobile app and which can connect with all your systems.

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HR Management

  • Provides options to mandate employees to login within a specific time period
  • Ability to report absence with reasons, configurable as per HR policy
  • Option to geofence attendance location
  • Estimated vs Quoted hours report

HR Management mobile application makes managing two critical HR tasks super easy- Attendance and Leave management

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