Turning An Idea
Into A Business .

Staying innovative can be as difficult as transferring innovation into real products. In rapidly changing markets it has become crucial to think more agilely and innovate faster than ever before.

Who we are.


Vite biz offers the best platform for laucnhing and deploying tomorrow’s applications quickly and easily without big investments.


Data is exploding. Digital devices are proliferating. Interfaces are taking new forms. Everything must be connected.


Tens plus startups and organizations using vite biz to build their own mission-critical applications.


Leading data connectivity capabilities for harnessing data from business systems and any other data source, whether on premise or in the cloud.


Provides the comprehensive and customizable Startup-as-a-Service program to take the burden of building, growing and managing the technology side of a startup off of the shoulders of the non-tech founders.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in most economies, particularly in developing countries. So Vite biz can help you to manage your business with effective and affordable tools.

Big Enterprises

The bigger and busier a company gets, the harder it is to keep moving fast and attract the right talents to discover new business models and market opportunities.

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Analytics & Lead generation platform for fashion industry

Vite CRM

CRM for maintaining day to day activities for SMEs

Vite eCommerce



Vite HR

Design Code

Project Management

Project Management System for I Can Infotech


CRM with fiedl expense manager and Appintment reporting

Model Eng

Hr Activities & Project management solution for multi location team management.

Nippon ply

Visualizer for exploring wide range of laminate and vineer from mobile devices.

Sunrun Solar

Project management system and Work allocation and Inventory allocation

Isher Trading LLC

Inquiry & Quottion comparing system with business analytics of price coparision with big data.

Appointment Management solution

Appointment management solution for Clinics , Saloon , Customer Service centers

Claremont Fruitique