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Organizations spent $359 billion globally on training in 2016, but was it worth it?

75% of 1,500 managers surveyed from across 50 organizations were dissatisfied with their company’s Learning & Development (L&D) function

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75%  dissatisfied  with   L&D function

70% of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs;

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70% don’t have mastery of the skills

Only 12% of employees apply new skills learned in L&D programs to their jobs.

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Only 12% of employees apply new skills

Only 25% of respondents to a recent McKinsey survey believe that training measurably improved performance.

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Only 25% believe that it improved performance 

Not only is the majority of training in today’s companies ineffective, but the purpose, timing, and content of training is flawed.

Here is the solution


Customized learning opportunities to company and employee goals

Motivational Support

Learning the core of what you need to learn aligned with allotted budget from company


Applying it to real-world situations immediately with measurable impacts


Receiving immediate feedback and refining your understanding

Learning and development

Vite can personalize training so that it adapts lessons based on employee performance, tailoring content to every single employee’s needs, learning style, anddelivery method. Vite motivates employees to use knowledge that you must have gained somewhere and using that very information in your daily assignment. As a result, it makes the daily mundane tasks easier to accomplish, time economizing as well as aids your company to work efficiently.

Performance 360

Vite first ensures that employees can actually apply the methodology internally and Vite requests that they bring real-world projects to workshops so that employees can apply what’s learned in real-time, shorten the feedback loop, deliver business outcomes, and encourage “wow” moments. Vite encourages your company to concentrate on project performance, work log monitoring, timelines, and personal performance of the candidate and integration of third party tools to amplify company’s annual growth. Evaluation, representation, execution and comprehension over an organization is a necessary key to move forward in the eyesof Vite.


Vite wants to be your human insights partner! Any company generally requires a credible accountability for team engagement to instill new values or leadership capabilities. Vite helps your company step up this impact by surfacing drivers of engagement and hotspots across teams and demographics. Vite guarantees employee wellbeing, aggregation and inclusion, and change readiness thus simproving all the metrics like stress level, happiness, innovations and the other 6 parameters to boost your culture inside your company.

Key Benefits


Alignment with career and company goals


One platform that combines all professional development opportunities improving search and consolidating information


Productivity and engagement measured throughout the learning journey, including learning application


Engaging employees with a focus on learning and removing all other planning obstacles


Engaging employees using learning application recommendations


Providing and measuring Feedback at every stage of the learning path leading to an improved dialogue during performance appraisal

Course providers and event organizers

Reach to your audiences easily

On approval, your courses, listed on Vite, become instantly visible and accessible to millions of learners with matching interests and skills. Create your profile and reach to thousands of employees who are looking for courses and events offered by your organization.

No Hidden Fees

Free course listing. No restrictions on the number of courses you list.

Reach millions

An easy, fast and effective way for more global reach with geolocation reach.

AI Powered

Receive a personalized communication and recommendation from our AI engine.

Few Courses

From our platform

Access 2500+ Online Courses from 140 Institutions. Start Today!

CS50's Introduction to Computer Science



Python Basics for Data Science



Energy Within Environmental Constraints



Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market




What People Say

Vite Biz has really helped our company throughout the years. We are using it with our engineers, architects and designers with multi locations which helps us to stay competitive.

Model Engineering

I am happy to recommend to you the high-quality platform of Vite biz. It helps engage employees with a focus on learning and removing all other planning obstacles. The prices are also very reasonable compared to other providers in the market.

Project Central

I have worked hand in hand with Vite biz to assist us with numerous services including employee engagement activities, performance 360 reports, Learning and development of employees. At no one time have they failed me.

Varun Patel

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Happiness Inputs



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We want to be your human insights partner! By combining academic research with real-time data we fully understand the global drivers behind happiness and engagement. We create human-led organisations with a thriving culture, so our users never compromise between work and happiness. We have the tools and insights to visualise the evolving cultural health of your organisation.

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