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Are you Happy at your workplace?

We are spending most of our waking hours of our days at our workplace and we came to know that people are not happy and lots of stress and other mental and physical health issues created by this. And if we're not doing well at work, the way our bodies and nervous systems and brains function, basically that will spread into all of our life.


We are building a platform which helps to identify companies’ Happiness Index which will be captured by Vite.biz from following data parameters

  • Learning & Development
  • Engagement
  • Performance360
  • Batter Fitness

As per Emiliana Simon-Thomas:

"Happiness is not" simply"momentary emotions like amusement, enthusiasm, pride, or relief." Nor is it maintaining a "state of perpetual cheerfulness" or a continuous stream of positive emotional experiences. Happiness is not all about "pleasure and hedonism." It's not achieved by "gratifying all of your desires" or by "maximizing" lavish, "luxurious experiences." Happiness isn't a "tireless climb" towards achievement or status and isn't the result of getting everything perfect all the time.

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