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Engagement. Performance. Retention. When it comes to your people and culture, it’s all connected. Uncover critical relationships between performance and engagement. We turn these insights into high- impact actions to create supreme employee experience. Not all top performers are engaged. And not all engaged employees are high-performing.

Project Performance

  • Detailed project wise performance check
  • Department and Designation wise project work analysis
  • Artificial intelligence based happiness analysis on performance
  • Performance metrics for employees and departments

Work log Analysis

Improvement in team performance can be observed with work log analysis. Moreover, employees’ project performance analysis based on tags and work types is entirely supported on work log analysis. The company’s annual system analysis also suggests improvement in the sector of team performance. There has also been showcasing of innovative techniques, measurements and a steady skill improvement amongst the company staff.

Timeline and deliverables

  • Easily manage deadlines and deliverables with collaboration
  • Track in time or over time project estimates with visual representation

Individual Performance Report

Individual Performance Report helps get detailed individual performance metric. It checks periodically the improvement of the performance. It provides detailed analysis of project engagement and association inside the organization.

Third party tools integrations


Helping teams to communicate easily with each other


Easily manage tasks and assignment of tasks

Microsoft Teams:

Helping teams to communicate easily with each other

Vidyo :

Helping teams to do video calls within UAE

Skype for business

Skype for business 1 on 1 meetings with remote teams

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Your Entire Team

Evaluate representative execution comprehensively over your organization. Tailor answering to your definite determinations by sifting assessment information dependent on divisions, levels, and other criteria for effective calibration meetings.