Tasks for projects can be added and assigned to employees to streamline the operations of the project

To add a task

  1. Go to Work tab and select My Tasks and click on Add Task in the right corner of the page 

  2. If a new task is added within a project, then click on the checkbox next to New Task

  3. Else, uncheck the tick mark next to New Task to add a sub-task under a parent task of the project and select the task name from the list of parent tasks

  4. Select the project name under Project field. This will be automatically filled if a sub-task is being added

  5. Enter task title and details 

  6. Select the priority of the task

  7. Enter the estimated hours, date and time for the task

  8. Upload any relevant documents necessary to support the task by clicking Choose File 

  9. Click Save to save the task

  10. Assign the task to employees by selecting employee name from the list of employees

  11. Click Assign to assign the task to the selected employee 

  12. Click on the delete icon to remove an employee from the task

  13. Click Next to complete the creation of task

  14. The status and priority can be updated by clicking on the icons next to it

  15. More employees can be assigned by clicking the plus icon

  16. The task can be reassigned, edited and deleted by clicking the three horizontal bars on the left side of the task

  17. View conversation related to the task by clicking the chat icon

  18. To add new message, enter the message in the description box and click Send 

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