Understand the results

We help you identify good time for impact by surfacing drivers of engagement and hotspots across teams and demographics. You can standardize the results against organizations like yours and track your progress all within the platform.

Modern psychology:

Designed by psychologists and data scientists to help you make the feedback program you need.

Effective action:

Leap from insight to action with demonstrated dashboards for individuals, managers, and leaders.

See the full picture:

Automated employee surveys for each lifecycle milestone.

Ask the right questions

Select from our library of research-backed engagement and deep dive surveys designed by organizational psychologists and data scientists. Use them not designed or modified to include our latest questions on employee wellbeing,aggregation and inclusion, and change readiness.

Retain your best people

With turnover prediction

Designed by psychologists and data scientists to help you make the feedback program you need.Automated employee surveys for each lifecycle milestone: onboarding, exit and more. Tap into the richest dataset of employee insights to predict employee turnover and uncover the reasons why. Uncover critical relationships between performance and engagement. We turn these insights into high-impact actions to create supreme employee experience.









Weekly anonymous surveys

  • Improve conversational messages passing to the management team
  • Science based questions to check team happiness
  • Get insights or individuals view towards company

Special day celebrations

  • Celebrate together and never forgot to wish anyone on their special day
  • Team culture building
  • Automatically posting on company wall related to big news and updates
  • Share and support local communities or good initiatives inside company

Engagement metrics check

  • Machine learning based algorithm to suggest techniques to improve happiness inside teams.
  • Check and Improve all metrics like stress level, happiness, innovations and other 6 parameters to boost your culture inside your company.
  • Improve all the aspects of your company’s culture